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 The Barbershop is the one place people go to feel free, speak their mind, express feelings, boost morale and feel confident. A place WE visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whatever your frequency of grooming is. The barbershop is a place where race doesn't matter, religion doesn't matter, and political beliefs do not matter at all. WE don't judge! WE understand daily struggles, WE see financial challenges, as well as the advantage of financial success. WE become a community in the barbershop. WE learn that WE have more in common, than WE have differences. WE are free to talk without disrespecting, or experiencing the feeling of being disrespected by other peoples views. WE talk sports, movies, weekend ideas, and many other things that WE have different opinions about. The barbershops' atmosphere creates artistry that no other place can. The art of celebrating differences, accepting cultural diversity, and laughing til your stomach hurts. A place...

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